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The Meeting Master System

Are you sick of unproductive meetings? Does it feel like they’re filled with self-absorbed, know-it-all, control freaks who argue, waste time, infight, and backstab? Don’t you think it’s time for a change?

This book will help you to take back control of your meetings and achieve better results. You don’t have to change everyone, just you. By becoming “Meeting Royalty,” your presence will stabilize, unify, and improve any group situation. Improve your negotiation skills, host winning sales presentations, and get better results faster with greater ease.

The Meeting Mastery System will teach you the three major skills to better meeting results. The first skill will have you viewing meetings in a whole new light as you discover how to identify, relate to, and better deal with the players in the organization. The ability to understand influence and authority is key to successfully navigating a meeting. Plus, gain an understanding of people's personal meeting strategies and how to work with them.

Second, you'll discover how to utilize the elements of motivation. Quickly identify what makes people tick. Learn to speak the motivational language that will encourage, enlighten, and persuade others. Understand how to translate motivational styles from one people to another in order to avoid meeting conflicts.

Third, you will go in depth into the minds of meeting goings. You will almost appear to be a mind reader as you pick up on facial cues that let you better understand what people are thinking. You'll gain the knowledge of how to use this information to steer meetings back on course for better results.

Whether you sit in on sales meetings or run the board of directors, this is the one book you simply can't live without. It will change the way you conduct yourself in meetings and effect everyone around you. If you only read one business book this year, this is the one.

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